I was born in Long Island New York and moved to Florida as a little girl. I started dancing as a way to pay for school, but I soon decided I liked being naked more than studying. I did my first feature act at the Club Mary in Sarasota where I met my future partner Mini Mounds. My good friend Joey Karson introduced us to her agent and the rest is history! Mini & I traveled around the world as Moving Violations until last year when we both decided to pursue our own interests. I've had a great time touring and seeing some amazing places and I've met a lot of great people along the way. I'd love to meet you too, so if you get the chance, come to the show and see just how hot I can get!


My Stats

Height: 6' (6'3" in heels)
Weight: You never ask a lady this!
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Hazel
Measurements: 156MMM-26-36
Shoe Size: 10
Birthday: October 25th
Sign: Scorpio
Favorite Color: Purple (can you tell?)
Favorite Food: Steak & Crab legs
Favorite Treat: Godiva Chocolates
Favorite Perfume: Salvador Dali Laguna & Lancome Poe'me
Favorite Movie: Spaceballs
Turn Ons: Nice smells and a good sense of humor
Turn Offs: Bad breath, mean people, and people that expect everything for free

Questions I'm Frequently Asked


1. Q: What size and kind of implants do you have?
  A: I don't have implants in the normal sense of the term. I have what has come to be called "silly string". It's actually a polypropylene string about the thickness of yarn surrounded by natural body fluid inside my breasts. That's why they've grown so much since I first got them. 

2. Q: Do you do private shows?
  A: No, I don't do private shows or escorting of any kind. I know some showgirls do, but it's just not my thing.

3. Q: How can I get an autographed picture?
  A: There are several ways. You can order one through my products page, you can come and see me perform and get one signed in person, or you can write to me at my P.O. Box address and ask politely. You won't get an 8 x 10 glossy through the mail, but if you ask nicely I might send you something. Return postage is always appreciated, of course. 

4. Q: Can you make a donation to my charity auction, etc?
  A: I get this question all the time, and if I donated something to every one I'd go broke. I do occasionally make donations, but only if I can determine that it's for a legitimate organization. If you're going to ask, be prepared to back up your request with documentation.

5. Q: Can you help me get started in the porn business?
  A: No, I don't have any contacts in the commercial porn industry. My best suggestion is for you to visit the AVN convention in Las Vegas and talk to the people there.

6. Q: When will you be appearing in my city?
  A: You can always keep up with where I'll be by checking my schedule page. I update it as soon as I know anything new so it's always current.

7. Q: How much do your boobs weigh?
  A: Right now they weigh about 20lbs apiece. Yes, my back does hurt from time to time.

8. Q: Where can my wife/girlfriend go to get her boobs as big as yours?
  A: She can't. The doctor that did my string implants isn't doing them any more. I don't know if that will change in the future, only time will tell.

9. Q: Do you do videos with your fans?
  A: No, all my custom videos are solo.

10. Q: What kinds of reactions do people have when you go out in public?
  A: Men stare and sometimes walk into things, but they're mostly respectful. Women can be downright nasty though. They'll usually just glare at me if they're alone, but if they're with their friends they'll start laughing and pointing, or they'll make nasty remarks that they know I can hear. It's sad how rude some people can be.

11. Q: What do you do during your time off?
  A: Sleep! (ha ha) Seriously though, I spend a lot of time making new costumes and shooting pictures and video for my site. I also spend time doing custom videos and answering emails. When I do get to relax I like to spend time watching movies, working out and relaxing in the sun.

12. Q: How do you sleep, drive, eat, etc. with boobs the size of yours?
  A: It's as difficult as you might imagine. I have to make adjustments in order to do the things that other people do on a daily basis. I can't sleep on my stomach any more, and close-up hugs are almost impossible, but they do have their good points too.

13. Q: Where do you find clothes to fit you?
  A: For sportswear I shop in the men's department, but for everything else I just buy the biggest size I can get. It's especially hard to find bras that fit, so I make the things I can't buy.

14. Q: Are those real?
  A: Yes, they're real expensive.

15. Q: Where can I write to you at?
   A: My mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Englewood, Florida, 34295

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