Waking Up The Right Way

     Mmmm...what a beautiful dream I was having, the kind that makes me squirm. I always wake up wet and horny after an erotic dream and this morning is no exception. Still lightly dozing, I stretch my body luxuriantly and slowly realize I can feel the breeze from the fan wafting over me..."kicked the covers off again," I think as I arch my back and spread my legs wide so the cool breeze can caress my burning pussy. My right hand reaches down and cups my pussy, pressing down on my clit and sending a thrill through me. I draw a sharp breath at the sensation, and I know I need to cum...soon! 

     I feel the bed move as you crawl up onto it with me and I realize you've been watching me awaken. I look down at you and give you a smile, and in return your tongue snakes out and tickles my swollen clit, licking gently and making me shudder with delight. You look up then and smile broadly at me. "Good morning sweetie" you say, "I've got just what you need this morning..." My eyes close and I moan with pleasure as your tongue slips between my pussy lips, sliding inside me so deep, then licking the length of my pussy and circling my clit. Your lips close about it and you suck gently, laving and loving my stiff little button and your hands grasp my writhing hips as I squirm under your eager mouth. Suddenly I feel your questing finger slid inside me, driving me over the edge and I start to cum as you suck hard on my clit and pump your wonderful finger in and out, fucking me over the edge with it. The spasms rip through me and I cry out my pleasure, riding your finger and tongue as I cum for the first time...

     "Turn over" you tell me, and I quickly comply. I raise my hips and lean down, resting my breasts on my pillow as I raise my ass up, sliding my knees apart and offering you my open, wet pussy. You lie on your back beneath my burning puss and I lower my hips down, down to your eager tongue once again and you start licking the length of me, sliding your tongue up and down, all around, in and out until you again start to gently lick and suck my hard little clit. Suddenly I feel a pressure, a hardness parting the lips of my steaming hole and I understand. You've got my favorite dildo all lubed and ready, and you slide it slowly but steadily in, in until it's buried deep inside me. I gasp with pleasure as you start pumping it in and out while sucking steadily at my clit. It's so fucking good being screwed and licked at the same time and in just a matter of moments I'm there again, bucking and crying out as my orgasm tears through me, grinding my clit down on your hungry mouth as you ream my pussy with the toy.

     I collapse down onto the pillow, gasping deeply as I try to catch my breath but there's going to be no break this morning, is there? I feel your strong hands as you grasp my hips, positioning yourself behind me to give me the fucking I desperately need. I feel how hard your cock is as you tease my pussy lips with the slippery head, your precum slicking me, getting me ready for you. I push backwards as you start sliding into me and I hear you moan softly as the heat of my steaming pussy sucks you in, in until your cock is sunk all the way inside me. I groan loudly as you fill me up, your big cock raging inside my slippery hole and you start to stroke slowly, fucking deeply, then back out until just the head remains inside. I thrust back hard, impaling myself on your stiff meat because I want it bad, so bad. You know what I need and want and you give it to me, fucking me hard, slamming your cock so deep inside me and driving me crazy! You're holding my hips firmly as you fuck me, keeping me in place as your cock pumps my grasping pussy. I'm close now, so close and I know you are too. I can feel your cock swelling even bigger and I know you're about to give me exactly what I need this morning. The thought of your cock exploding inside me drives me over the top and I scream out my pleasure as I start to cum, and then you're there with me. Your hands grab my shoulders as you shove every inch of your long hard cock so fucking deep, crying out as your hot scalding cum jets out of your jerking cock, filling me up with your juice, filling my hungry pussy until it can't hold any more but the orgasm ripping through me still tries to suck out one more drop from you. 

     At last I collapse on the bed and I feel your body press down on mine, your slowly deflating cock still inside me, your ragged breathing in my ear. I turn my head and see you smiling at me, and I kiss your gentle lips. "Good morning baby" I say, "Now that's how to start my day..." 

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