Would you prefer not to use a credit card to become a member? 
Here's how to sign up by mail:

Membership is $19.95 per month and in order to sign up by mail you'll need to send me the following: 

1) A money order or Bank cheque (if overseas) made payable to Mounds Productions 
(sorry, no personal checks unless you want to wait 2 weeks until it clears the bank). 

2) A user name and password you'd like to use. 

3) Your signed statement that you are an adult of legal age. 
This is ABSOLUTELY necessary for your order to be processed. 

4) A working E-mail address. Your e-mail address is necessary for me to let you know when 
you are connected as a member and if there is a problem with your order. 

All information is kept confidential.

Mail your order to:

Mounds Productions
PO Box 484 
Englewood, Fl. 34295

Money orders are processed within 2 days of receipt.