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Due to consistent pressure from parties unnamed to me, the merchant bank I 
used to process credit cards for many years has decided that "adult entertainers" 
are a bad risk and as such has cancelled my ability to accept credit cards for products.

I've set up a new venue for selling videos via credit card but for now everything 
else, magazines, pictures, etc. have to be ordered through the mail using this form

I'm sorry for the hassle but for now this is all I can do. To help make things
a little less painful I've set it up so my videos are less expensive if you order
through the mail. It's easier for me and cheaper for you!

Welcome to my online store! Just click on the links below 
to check out all the sexy things I have for you....


Free Bonus DVD With Every Order!
 I'm happy to be able to offer you a free dvd with every order. 
The Boob Tube is a collection of my television appearances
in 3 volumes, and you'll receive your choice of #1, #2, #3 or #4 
absolutely free with your next order!

Be sure to let me know which one you want! 

Closeout Sale!
All VHS videos are now reduced in price to 15$!
I have a limited quantity of them, so be sure to
get 'em before they're all gone! 

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